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inositol for anxiety

The Impact of Inositol On Anxiety

Inositol is also known as myo-inositol and can be found in a lot of common foods. Inositol is often placed into the category of pseudo vitamins. Pseudo vitamins are very important for the functions of the body. It is important to realize when these levels are depleted, it does not necessarily result in health disorders.

Inositol is also referred to as vitamin B8. Numerous biological body processes are supported by inositol. These processes include nerve functioning, insulin signaling, and fat metabolism. Some individuals call inositol the female health supplement.

This is because it has the ability to assist regarding female infertility issues. Strong evidence has revealed a link between the support provided by inositol and the alleviation of symptoms related to anxiety and mood issues.

Inositol has a lot of different uses for the cognitive function. This is a supplement that is used mostly to alleviate the symptoms most commonly related to anxiety issues. Inositol is also a type of nutrient. This is classified as a vital cofactor for the major neurotransmitters in the brain.

inositol for anxiety

Numerous mental health issues are benefited from the use of this supplement. Inositol is a natural supplement numerous individuals have used effectively for the treatment of many different mental health conditions including anxiety. In some instances, the inositol was more effective than the most commonly prescribed medications.

Although the reasons have not yet been pinpointed, it is particularly effective for women looking for relief from PMS, binge eating and anxiety.

Inositol is a nutrient capable of positively enhancing the mood. Despite this, it is not receiving the attention it deserves. At one point in time, it was called vitamin B8 and included as a part of the B complex vitamin family. The reason it is no longer considered a true vitamin is that the discovery was made the body is able to produce its own inositol.

This caused it to be classified as a pseudo vitamin. Many people now refer to it as a neglected component of the vitamin B complex. It is extremely valuable when used as a supplement or a remedy for the augmentation of deficiency states. Some of the main benefits are inositol for anxiety, blood glucose levels and treating PCOS. The actual neurological benefits are directly related to depression and anxiety.

What are the Benefits of Inositol for Anxiety?

There was a study conducted over a period of four weeks. These results established a connection between inositol and the reduction of the symptoms related to panic disorders and anxiety. Another study confirmed inositol decreased the symptoms related to OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

It is important to note a higher dosage of inositol was required for anxiety symptoms than when it was used for other reasons. One of the benefits is very rare among any type of supplements currently available. Inositol has been effective in the treatment of panic attacks.

One study, in particular, lasted over a month. This confirmed a large dosage of 18 grams of inositol was more effective for panic attacks than fluvoxamine, the drug most commonly prescribed. For more details please visit

Inositol has additional and unique benefits in addition to panic attacks and anxiety. There are benefits for treating individuals with depression symptoms. Although there are currently no significant results statistically claimed across the board, inositol can potentially be used to treat many of the symptoms associated with depression.

One study showed individuals with a bipolar disorder were able to use inositol to decrease their symptoms. Inositol may also be useful due to the interactions established with physical ailments caused by insulin sensitivity such as obesity and diabetes.

A good example is obese women having issues caused by PCOS. Using just two grams of inositol over a period of eight weeks can lead to much better health by improving their glucose metabolisms.

The most common current mental issue is depression. Depression impacts women twice as often as it does men. It has been proven that individuals suffering from depression have a lower level of symptoms when using inositol.

This means is is becoming increasingly logical to treat depression with inositol. Despite this, the evidence supporting this statement is mixed. Many of the experts believe it is a natural remedy for depression. One study showed individuals using inositol experienced a significant improvement in all symptoms related to depression. When these individuals discontinued using their antidepressants, their symptoms were still greatly improved.

One of the most interesting results revealed this improvement was less pronounced in the men than it was in the women. There is no research currently confirming why this occurred.

Another analysis was conducted on inositol. It is important to first note the study found absolutely no side effects. Unfortunately, they did not find conclusive evidence to support inositol as an effective treatment for individuals with symptoms of depression.

It has been revealed that inositol supplementation causes a positive response to SSRI’s in the majority of cases. This is only applicable for the individuals showing positive benefits and a positive response to SSRI’s. The symptoms for OCD are also diminished by the use of inositol.

Using this as a potential treatment is showing incredibly promising results. OCD is a kind of anxiety disorder classified by recurring and unwanted behaviors and thoughts. One of the main issues of OCD are the side effects of many of the drugs currently used to treat the condition.

A study conducted regarding the benefits of inositol revealed OCD symptoms were effectively reduced. These benefits equaled or exceeded the benefits gained form the most prescribed medications. The difference is, there were no side effects.

inositol for anxiety

One of the most prominent scales regarding OCD is the Yale-Brown Obsessive-Compulsive Scale. When inositol was measured using this scale, the results showed the symptoms of OCD were substantially reduced by fifty percent.

It must be noted this was regarding only individuals who showed a positive response to SSRI’s. Side effects present major challenges to anyone suffering from OCD. There are individuals with this condition unable to take their medication dues to the severity of the side effects they experienced. This is not an issue with inositol.

Inositol has also been shown to significantly decrease the symptoms of bulimia. This has been found to be an effective natural treatment for individuals suffering from bulimia nervosa. This is a serious eating disorder that causes the person to binge eat and then purge.

This is often extremely damaging on the body of the individual. When inositol was administered in a higher dose of eighteen grams, it significantly decreased the anxiety, binge eating and depression so common with bulimia. Just like with the studies regarding inositol and depression, the results were much more pronounced in the women than in the men.

For additional information regarding the positive impact of inositol please take a moment to visit

The medication prescribed for bipolar disorders has a common side effect that can be mitigated with inositol. There has been very little research done regarding using inositol for individuals with a bipolar disorder. Some studies have been conducted regarding the people showing a resistance to the standard medical treatments.

Despite this, some evidence has been revealed showing inositol may be beneficial when used for a specific treatment for the depressive symptoms common with a bipolar disorder. Inositol has been found to be very beneficial for one of the most common side effects resulting from lithium drug therapy.

This is psoriasis induced by the lithium. This is because lithium is believed to work through a depletion of inositol. This is what causes psoriasis.

Inositol does not negate the mood calming effects of the drug and significantly improves the skin disorder. The treatment for bipolar disorders is complicated. Any individual with this order should talk to their physician before medicating using inositol.

Inositol may replace diamonds as a woman’s best friend because it reduces the mood swings associated with PMDD and PMS. It is even more effective for women than it is for men. Inositol reduces the severity of PMS or premenstrual syndrome, anxiety, depression and mood swings.

PMDD is a severe premenstrual dysphoric disorder. Inositol has also been shown effective for treating PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome. This disorder impacts ten percent of all women and is caused by a hormone imbalance. This results in the tendency to retain weight, irregularities and infertility.

The most common belief is inositol works because it normalized the hormone levels for insulin and testosterone. There have been nutritional supplements formulated using inositol specifically to promote fertility in women.

inositol for anxiety

How Do You Use Inositol for Anxiety?

Inositol is a necessary and naturally occurring compound for transporting the fats in the body, nerve transmission and the proper formation of cells. Inositol often impacts the performance of the neurotransmitter serotonin.

The serotonin levels are very important regarding anxiety and depression. Many people do not have an inositol deficiency because it is found naturally in numerous foods including wheat, cantaloupe, nuts and beans. Ben Gurion University conducted a double-blind study in 1995 through their Ministry of Mental Health.

The Journal of Clinical Psychology published this study. This revealed inositol was an effective treatment for a variety of anxiety disorders including panic disorders, OCD and anxiety.

The dosage of inositol most often recommended is 500 milligrams taken twice each day. For the treatment of OCD, panic disorders and anxiety, this dosage is increased to twelve to eighteen grams each day. If an individual has OCD and is taking an SSRI antidepressant, they should consult with their physician prior to taking inositol.

In the study conducted by Ben Gurion University, taking eighteen grams of inositol per day has a similar efficacy to fluvoxamine. Fluvoxamine is prescribed as an antidepressant for individuals with an anxiety disorder. Panic attacks decreased by four in the first month with inositol as opposed to the reduction of 2.4 achieved by fluvoxamine.

The side effects reported by patients regarding fluvoxamine included fatigue and nausea. Numerous patients are reluctant to take fluvoxamine as well as various psychiatric medications due to the side effects. Inositol may be the answer for these patients because it is a naturally occurring compound without any nasty side effects.

The reason toxic side effects are not produced by inositol is that it is water soluble. It is still important to talk to a physician prior to taking inositol. This can help make certain there are no reactions occurring due to other medications. For some excellent information, please visit

Although inositol has not yet reached the status of one of the most widely recognized supplements, compared to the other supplements it is fairly easy to find. Inositol is often available at the local health food shops and grocery stores.

With a little online research, a high quality and more affordable product can be located. Purchasing the product on the internet is a little more wallet friendly. There are a wide selection of brands available. It is extremely important to consider the quality and not simply the cost. The higher the quality, the more effective the product and the better the results.

It is important to realize purchasing inositol is different from purchasing the more well-known supplements. Inositol has become extremely popular when purchased as an over the counter supplement. The Food and Drug Administration of the United States has regulated inositol as a safe supplement free from any repercussions.

It is extremely important to be certain what type of inositol is being purchased. Only thirty percent of the dosage is required for the soft gel formulation as opposed to the correct dose for the powder. This means instead of using the fourteen to eighteen-gram recommendation for the powder, the correct dosage for the soft gel form is only 4.2 to 5.4 grams.

According to Baptist Health Systems, when the dosage being used for inositol is eighteen times the intake recommended, there have still been no serious side effects reported. Since a higher dosage is required to treat bipolar disorders, these individuals should consult with their physicians prior to taking inositol. The bottom line is inositol is an effective treatment for anxiety.


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