Avocado Sugar Extract

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The sugar extract of the avocado fruit is the richest natural source of d-mannoheptulose, a 7-carbon sugar. Research suggests that avocado sugar extract inhibits glucose-induced insulin release. Avocado sugar extract is used to treat obesity.

Also known as:  Extracto de Azúcar de Aguacate, Extrait de Sucres d'Avocat, Mannoheptulose, Manno-heptulose, Séduheptulose

Diseases and Conditions

People often take avocado sugar extract to support a healthy weight; however, there is not enough scientific research to assign an effectiveness rating to this supplement.


There is insufficient information about the overall safety of avocado sugar extract; to stay on the safe side, it should be avoided especially by children, pregnant, and breastfeeding women. Avocado sugar extract may increase blood sugar levels and should be avoided by diabetics. Its impact on blood sugar levels can also affect surgery; patients should stop taking avocado sugar extract at least 2 weeks before a procedure. There is insufficient evidence about the side effects of avocado sugar extract.

Medication Interactions

Avocado sugar extract can increase blood glucose levels and can decrease the effects of antidiabetic agents.

Supplement and Food Interactions

No supplement interactions reported.


There is insufficient reliable evidence available to determine a dosage for avocado sugar extract.


Avocado sugar extract is taken orally to assist in weight loss. It is, of course, taken from the avocado.

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