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Supplement Smarter.

They say that there is no magic pill, but when you match the science of DNA with the power of nutrition, magic can happen.


Personalization Matters.

Vitagene recommends and delivers the optimal supplements for your body based on your DNA and lifestyle factors, such as goals, medications, and medical history. Taking the right nutrients in the correct dosage can give you more energy and strength to power through your day. Supplements can also have strong interactions with the medications and conditions you have. That’s why Vitagene gives you a personalized supplementation regimen that takes into account the full picture of who you are. We reference the latest research from our carefully-vetted scientific database to make sure you get the supplements that are safe, effective, and optimal for you.


Routine Made Easy.

No cupboard full of bottles. No weekly sorting. No guesswork. Say goodbye to waste and an inconvenient routine. We send you a 30-day supply of pre-packaged supplements every month, conveniently organized into daily packs. Each month, we'll follow up to see how you are doing and make any adjustments to be sure you are getting the maximum benefits.

Save Space. Save Money.

Not only are you saving space in your cupboard, you’re saving money too. Off the shelf supplement brands bake in a lot of their costs in the price of their supplements, but you won’t see those costs with Vitagene. We order direct from the manufacturer and send directly to you, therefore skipping all of the overhead that would otherwise get passed on to you.

Why Supplement?

I eat right and take care of my body, why do I need supplements? That’s the $30 billion dollar question.* In a perfect world, eating an organic, balanced diet and exercising would be enough. The fact is that even with an optimal diet it’s nearly impossible to get the micronutrients we need from food today. Today’s farming practices result in nutrient depleted soil that fails to produce the nutrient-rich food our body needs. Furthermore, low-calorie diets, filtered water, antibiotics, and exercise can also affect our micronutrient needs. Find out which supplements your body needs to start changing your health today.


Not All Supplements are Created Equal.

While there are 80,000 supplements available on the market, Vitagene is constantly researching to bring you the best quality products at the lowest price. We’ve partnered with supplement companies that maintain the highest-quality ingredients and the most rigorous testing processes, while leaving the fillers and additives out. We make sure that supplements we provide are both bioavailable and effective. Basically, it’s all of what you do need, and none of what you don’t.

Our Promise to You:

You’ll get the highest-quality and most-effective supplements available.

Setting a New World Record.

Four brave men rowed across the Atlantic for the Talisker Whiskey Challenge, a 3,000 mile journey, unassisted in a tiny row boat in the middle of winter and set a new world record!

The team at Latitude 35 entrusted their micro-nutritional and supplement needs to Vitagene for this journey. By using our advanced DNA test and leveraging our platform we were able to recommend and deliver tailored micro-nutrient and supplement regimens to keep the rowers at their optimal health level during their journey. Learn about their amazing journey.

I can’t begin to tell you how much our team valued your support and supplements. They were truly a factor in our success in this race and the attaining of the World Record.

Jason Caldwell

Captain, Latitude 35 Racing

Education is key to lifestyle change. If you understand why it's important to make a change, you're more likely to commit for a lifetime.

Julie Chen, MD Internal Medicine

Chief Clinical Officer, Vitagene

No two humans are genetically identical. Each of us has 10 to 30 million sites of variation in our DNA. Naturally, we need different medications, vitamins, and supplements.

Katherine Sutherland, MD

Medical Director of ECH Genomics Medical Institute and Vitagene Advisor 

If there's one thing that we've learned from genetics, it is that anecdotes and friendly advice from friends is irrelevant to your health. Only your genetics and family history can tell you what drugs and supplements are best for you.

Douglas L Brutlag, PHD

Professor Emeritus, Biochemistry and Medicine, Stanford University