Inflammation Test

  • Self-Administer At-Home
  • Finger-prick Blood Spot
  • Multiple tests including hs-CRP
$99 HSA/FSA Accepted

Tests not permitted for use in NY

C-Reactive protein (CRP) is produced by the liver and elevated CRP levels can be measured in blood in response to inflammation. C-reactive protein levels are known to increase dramatically in response to injury, infection, and inflammation. High-sensitivity CRP (hs-CRP) is more precise than standard CRP when measuring baseline concentrations and enables a measure of chronic inflammation. Atheroschlerosis is an inflammatory disease and hs-CRP is known as a biomarker of atheroschlerotic cardiovascular disease risk. Inflammation is involved in many chronic diseases and concern has been raised about the influence of vitamin D deficiency on inflammatory processes. Studies have shown immunomodulating effects of vitamin D and associations have been shown with a large number of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

Collection Method
Blood Spot

Digital Results Available Within
3-5 days of the lab receiving the sample

Markers Included:
hs-CRP, Vitamin D

How It Works

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Step 4: Receive Your Results

Once the lab receives your sample, you will get your test results and recommendations within 5 days.

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