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COVID-19 Saliva Test

Self-collect hassle-free saliva sample to determine if you are infected with SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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DNA Test

Get your health and ancestry reports and access online tools to optimize your healthy lifestyle.

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Food Sensitivity Test

Determine which foods your body is not well equipped to process properly. Simple guide on which foods to avoid for optimal immune health.

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Vitamin D Test

Measure to make sure your Vitamin D levels are in the adequate range. Low levels can have negative impacts on your bone and cellular health.

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HbA1c Blood Sugar Test

Evaluate how well your body maintains blood sugar levels to help determine if dietary changes may be needed.

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Heart Health Test

Get a comprehensive look at your heart health with a multiple test panel including cholesterol levels.

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Sleep & Stress Test

Determine why you’ve been struggling to get a restful sleep by measuring two key hormones needed for quality sleep.

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Inflammation Test

Monitor your C-reactive protein levels involved in many chronic diseases.

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Thyroid Test

Easily measure your 4 main thyroid hormone levels.

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Most Popular Home Tests

Our at-home tests provide actionable reports sent to your device for quick use. Each test comes with a simple collection kit and free return shipping to the lab.

Benefits of Health & Wellness Testing

  • Quick and easy collection from your home
  • Receive actionable reports based on your unique results
  • Optimize your daily life and health
  • Make informed decisions for your daily health

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