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Find Your Vitality

Safe & Secure, No Hidden Fees

Find Your Vitality

Safe & Secure, No Hidden Fees

Health Report

This product is only for those with raw DNA data.


A detailed report providing you with tailored recommendations for diet, fitness, and supplementation.

This product is ONLY for those with AncestryDNA or 23andMe DNA data.

Health + Ancestry Report

Complete DNA test + Report


A detailed report providing you with tailored recommendations for diet, fitness, and supplementation, as well as ancestry.

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Health + Ancestry Report & Smart Supplements

Complete DNA Testing + Personalized Supplements


Includes monthly Smart Supplements, DNA testing, detailed report providing you with tailored recommendations for diet, fitness, and supplementation, as well as ancestry.

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What’s Included Health Report Health + Ancestry Report Health + Ancestry Report & Smart Supplements

30-Day Supply of Smart Supplements

A monthly supply of personalized, high-quality nutrients delivered to your door.

Vitagene delivers a 30-day supply of the optimal supplements for your body based on your DNA and lifestyle factors, such as goals and medical history via your personalized Vitality Guide. Taking the right vitamins and in the correct dosage is important because they can have powerful effects on your health. They can also have powerful interactions with the medications and conditions you have. That’s why Vitagene gives you the highest quality, personalized nutrients, that take into account the full picture of who you are.

What's included:
— 30-Day A.M Pack of Smart Supplements
— 30-Day P.M Pack of Smart Supplements

DNA Test

A simple saliva test with easy-to-follow instructions.

Human beings share approximately 99.5% of their genetic makeup. The remaining 0.5% is what makes each person look, feel, and behave differently. A simple DNA cheek swab kit is shipped to your door and can be completed in 2-5 minutes.

What's included:
— DNA Swab Kit
— Prepaid Return Label

Ancestry Report

Discover your ethnic make-up based on your DNA

We are fascinated by our ancestry because it helps define our identity. By identifying the unique set of variations in your DNA, we can then determine the relative frequency with which those variations appear in one particular geographical or ethnic group versus another and help you understand where your ancestors came from.

What's in the report:
— Ethnic Composition

Diet and Nutrition Report

See diet recommendations based on your physiology

Your DNA can offer powerful clues about your risk for certain deficiencies, conditions, or diseases. By comparing your DNA information against our vast database of peer-reviewed research, this report uncovers those risks and shows you how diet and nutrition can help you prevent them from happening.

What's in the report:
— Obesity Risk
— Fat Intake
— Sodium Intake
— Cholesterol Risk
— Triglyceride Risk
— Alcohol Metabolism
— Gluten Sensitivity
— Lactose Sensitivity
— Emotional Eating
— Weight Regain

Exercise Report

The optimal physical activities for your body

Getting good exercise makes you feel better, boosts your energy, and helps you avoid disease. But the kind of exercise that's right for you might be different from someone else, based on each of your genetic makeup. This report helps you understand which types of exercise your body is built for, how your weight and cholesterol levels respond to exercise, and your risk for injury.

What's in the report:
— Power vs. Endurance Exercise
— Muscle Strength
— Muscle Cramps
— Exercise Behavior
— Blood Pressure Response
— Weight Response to Exercise

Micronutrients Report

Your risk for deficiency in various micronutrients

These specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies can have negative effects on your mood, health, and energy levels. Your DNA, diet, lifestyle, and medications have a lot to say about your levels of essential nutrients.

What's in the report:
— Vitamin D
— Vitamin A
— Folate
— Vitamin B12
— Iron

Supplementation Report

A custom supplementation plan to improve your wellbeing

Supplements can help give you more energy, improve your digestive health, boost your immune function, and balance your mood. But how do you know which nutrients you're missing and therefore which supplements your body craves most? Vitagene scientists use the latest research in nutrigenetics to provide you with optimized recommendations (including correct dosage) based on your DNA as well as family history, medical history, lifestyle, diet and exercise. You will also learn which supplements to avoid based on potential conflicts with the vitamins and medications you’re currently taking. This test covers over 60 types of vitamins and minerals.

What's in the report:
— Personalized Supplement Plan