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Use your DNA to
reach peak health

Get a customized diet report with meal plans, nutritional guides, and exercise programs based on your DNA.

Benefits of DNA Health & Nutrition Plans

Get Fit

More Energy

Eat Better

Sleep Better

Reduce Stress

DNA Health & Nutrition Reports

DNA Health & Nutrition Plans


  • DNA Test Kit
  • DNA-Based Diet Reports
  • Fitness Reports
  • Nutrition Reports

Bonus Gift: Diet & Training Reports

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Find out how well you metabolize fats and carbs, fill nutritional gaps, receive tailored exercise plans, and more – all based on your DNA.

Your Vitagene reports will include the following:

Diet Report

Identify the best diet for your body. Receive food suggestions and custom meal plans based on your DNA and goals.

Fitness Report

Lose more weight and increase your energy levels with exercise routines based on your genetic make-up and goals.

Supplement Report

Fill nutritional gaps with a supplement plan based on your DNA & diet. Get your dosages delivered to your doorstep.

Ancestry Report

Discover the roots that shape your future with an ancestry report containing detailed ethnic percentages & origins.

Quick & Easy Steps to Discovery

Order & Collect Sample

Follow kit instructions to swab, register your kit and mail it back to our lab in the prepaid package.



Our lab takes 3-4 weeks from the time they receive it to analyze your results.


Receive Your Results

You will receive an email when your results are ready. Log in to your Vitagene dashboard to discover what your DNA says about you!


Backed by Physicians, Experts, and Universities.

Vitagene’s advisory network includes multidisciplinary M.D.’s, Ph.D.’s, research scientists, and business advisors from organizations such as Netflix, UC Berkeley, Stanford, UCSF, and Carnegie Mellon. Their fields of expertise include ancestry, genomics, bioinformatic ingenuity systems, age research, genome technology, biotechnology, bariatrics, as well as functional, integrative, and naturopathic medicine.

–Julie Chen, M.D. Chief Clinical Officer

Vitagene Success Stories

“Being obese my entire life, I never really cared about my body. After making serious health changes, and losing over 115 pounds, I really started to wonder what MY body specifically needed. Vitagene gave me this incredible insight into what my body needs, from the inside out. My DNA results really boosted my excitement and focus on self love. I now know how to nourish and take care of my body which helped me figure out a new lifestyle, not just another diet.”

– Nicole, “SleevedNicole”

“I have been sleeping like a baby and my energy levels are better” Mitchell, 35, says she’s also lost about 10 lbs. since she’s been on the Vitagene-approved regimen.
“We have the power to counter act our genetic tendencies with behavior. Overall disease risk is a combination of genetic and lifestyle risk.” Says Dr. Chen.
“Everyone has different genetic components that can affect muscle function. There are genes that look at, for example, if you’ve gained more skeletal muscle volume after resistance training”

Use your DNA to reach peak health

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