Vitagene Media Kit

Vitagene is a DNA-based personalization platform for health and wellness. Leveraging the latest developments in clinical research combined with an individual’s genetic makeup, lifestyle choices, medications and medical history.

Vitagene Media Kit

Vitagene is a DNA-based personalization platform for health & wellness.

Company Overview

Vitagene is a DNA-based personalization platform for health and wellness. Leveraging the latest developments in clinical research combined with an individual’s genetic makeup, lifestyle choices, medications and medical history, Vitagene recommends actionable plans to meet an individual’s health and wellness goals. Today the company offers diet, fitness, Skin Report, and supplementation plans through an online portal and partners with premier brands to tailor their product offering for our customers based on their individual needs. By providing easy, affordable access to genetic information and personalized guidance on how to use it, we help individuals make educated and proactive lifestyle choices leading to better health outcomes. Based in San Francisco, the company has a team of accomplished entrepreneurs, scientists and physicians, and was founded in 2014.

Product Overview

Vitagene leverages the latest developments in clinical research combined with individuals’ genetic makeup, lifestyle choices, medications and medical history to recommend actionable plans to meet their health and wellness goals. These plans are accessible through an easy-to- use online dashboard, and are updated as an individual modifies their lifestyle profile, uploads new medical information and as new clinical research becomes available.

Today, we offer personalized nutrition and fitness plans in addition to an ancestry report. The diet section consists of daily caloric, protein, and water recommendations, and includes a customized food list based on each customer’s genetics, biometrics and goals. The fitness plan includes actionable insights into the types, frequency and intensity of workout routines based on DNA and personal preferences. The customers’ diet and fitness recommendations are updated in real time as they engage with the platform. As an added service, we partner with trusted brands to personalize their product offering to each of our customers based on their individual Vitagene plan. Access to goods and services tailored to their individual needs makes it easier for our customers to follow their plan and achieve their goals. Our first product partnerships were established in 2017 with Douglas Labs and Pure Encapsulation. Through these relationships, Vitagene is able to offer personalized supplementation plans based on an individual’s DNA, medications and other health factors. Customer orders are fulfilled using Douglas and Pure Encapsulation vitamins and supplements. To further expand our line of products and services, Vitagene is looking to partner with companies in the health and wellness and beauty space, and organizations that focus on weight management, nutrition and fitness.

Science and Technology

The Vitagene technology platform combines several new advances in the fields of genetics, bioinformatics, data analytics and machine learning. DNA results and lifestyle profiles are run through Vitagene’s proprietary algorithm that compares them to a comprehensive database of the world’s latest research on genomics, nutrition and exercise (scientific research database of 50,000+). It also analyzes potential contraindications between each individual’s medications and supplements, supplements and disease states, and supplements and lifestyle choices. Our contraindications database for medication to supplements is one of the largest at 22,000+.

The Vitagene platform applies all of this learning to create the personalized plans and adjusts the recommendations as the customer engages with the platform and/or new scientific discovers are made. Our algorithm is constantly improving as new research and active customer data grows.

Company Milestones


December 2017
Increased its customer base by 1,900% compared to 2016.

September 2017
Released the results of the study titled “Smart Supplements and Blood Glucose in Bariatric Patients” at the International Diabetes and Degenerative Diseases Conference 2017.

February 2017
Launched the first contraindication algorithm on the market for supplement/medication interactions.

January 2017
Launched the first health and ancestry test under $100

Launched the first study comparing results on the blood glucose levels for bariatric patients on Vitagene and on standard regiment titled “Smart Supplements and Blood Glucose in Bariatric Patients.”

March 2016
Launched personalized supplements based on Vitagene platform in partnership with Douglas Laboratories and Pure Encapsulation.

February 2016
Raised $5.5 million in Series Seed funding led by Spectrum 28. Additional investors included Viking Global Investors; Neil Hunt, Chief Product Officer of Netflix; Ken Goldman, SVP and Chief Financial Officer at Yahoo; and venture capitalist and entrepreneur, Yuri Milner.

January 2016
Launched a platform for bariatric patients and signed up more than 20 active physicians in the San Francisco Bay Area using Vitagene.

December 2015
Officially launched a breakthrough health platform that combines bioinformatics and big data analytics with personalized supplementation.

October 2015
Selected by Illumina Accelerator as the only personalization platform around nutrition and supplementation.

July 2014
Founded by co-founders Reza Malek, M.D., and Al Hariri.

Executive Bios

Mehdi Maghsoodnia

Mehdi Maghsoodnia

Chief Executive Officer

Mehdi Maghsoodnia is the Chairman and CEO of Vitagene. He joined the company in February 2016. Maghsoodnia brings over 20 years of experience in executive management roles at both public and private companies and has deep expertise in building technology companies in new markets. Prior to Vitagene, Maghsoodnia held a number of executive positions including CEO of Rafter, SVP of CafePress, Intellisync (Acquired by Nokia) and Actiance. Maghsoodnia is also an active angel investor and board member in several early stage startups including SpineZone, MedCorder, Turncare, Swiftly and StrongDM. Maghsoodnia received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from University of California, Berkeley, and has done graduate level studies in computer science at Stanford University.
Reza Malek, M.D.

Reza Malek, M.D.

Co-founder, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Reza Malek is the co-founder of Vitagene and serves as its Chief Medical Officer. Reza earned his medical degree from Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson university in 1991. After med school he did a 5-year residency in diagnostic radiology. He completed a fellowship in cardiovascular and interventional radiology at Brigham & Women’s hospital of Harvard Medical School. He completed a second fellowship in endovascular neurosurgery at UCSF medical school. He holds a master’s degree in neurovascular diseases from Paris-Sud university in France. He co-founded Minimally Invasive Surgical Solutions in 2003. Dr.He is active in teaching, research and publishing.From 2011 to 2013 he served as the chief medical officer to Basehealth (formerly Genophen). Basehealth developed one of the most advanced risk assessments engines to access risk of developing a disease based on genetics and other phenotypic data
Al Hariri

Al Hariri

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

Al Hariri is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Vitagene. Hariri brings 20 years of executive experience leading Sales, Product Development and Operations with multiple successful product and business launches that exceeded $100M in annual revenues. Prior to Vitagene, Hariri was the Founder & Managing Partner at Blue Desert, Founder of GoodieHub, VP at Atheros Communication Inc. and Head of Business Development at Broadcom. Hariri received his Master’s in Electrical and System Engineering at The University of Connecticut.
Julie Chen, M.D.

Julie Chen, M.D.

Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Julie Chen is the Chief Clinical Officer at Vitagene. Dr. Chen trained with the Rochester Early Scholars BA-MD program at University of Rochester and graduated Alpha Omega Alpha with a degree of MD with Distinction in Research. She is board certified in Internal Medicine and is fellowship trained and board certified in integrative medicine from University of Arizona. She has had over ten years of clinical research experience at various institutes such as USC, FDA, National Institutes of Health, Mt. Sinai, and National Cancer Institute with multiple publications in scientific journals. She has been a medical advisor for product development in supplement companies as well as scientific advisor for biotech companies. She has also been integral in establishing wellness clinics in various Silicon Valley companies. At her integrative medicine clinic, she integrates various conventional and alternative therapeutic options for her patients to achieve optimal health goals.

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