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Vitagene Releases Landmark Study on Smart Supplements and Blood Glucose in Bariatric Patients

  • February 1, 2018

    Vitagene releases results of a recent study on how smart, personalized supplementation impacts the health of bariatric patients

    SAN FRANCISCO - February 1, 2018 - Vitagene, the leading personalization platform for health and wellness products, has released the results of its landmark study linking smart supplementation with improved blood glucose levels in bariatric patients.

    The study conducted by Vitagene in cooperation with a bariatric surgical practice has shown that 100% of patients who underwent a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy and were put on Vitagene’s personalized supplementation plans saw improvement in their fasting glucose levels within eight months of having surgery. This compared to the 68% of patients in the control group.

    The smart supplement program included consultation with a dietitian and monthly personalized supplement packs. The supplement packs were tailored to fit patients’ needs through DNA testing and a proprietary algorithm.

    At four months, 82% of the Vitagene group had improved to healthy fasting glucose levels compared to 55% of the control group.

    “With the help of this study we were hoping to better understand how smart supplementation based on patients’ DNA makeup could positively impact their recovery process and overall health. We have discovered that personalized supplements based on patients’ Vitagene profiles allowed them to see major consistent improvements,” said Reza Malek, M.D., Vitagene’s Chief Medical Officer and lead scientist on the study.

    As part of the study, patients who signed up to receive smart supplements through Vitagene were compared to a control group from the same 2-year period and bariatric surgical practice.

    The control group (non-Vitagene) received instruction per clinical practice guidelines on taking over-the-counter supplements. Fasting blood sugar was considered. Healthy fasting glucose was defined as <90 mg/dL. The authenticity of the data was verified using a retrospective analysis of variance test.

    This study was used to form the basis of the supplementation plans now available to consumers through vitagene.com. Today Vitagene offers actionable diet, fitness, and supplement plans tailored to its customers’ DNA, lifestyle, and overall health profile.


    Vitagene is a DNA-based personalization platform for health and wellness. Vitagene leverages the latest science in machine learning and data analytics, as well as genomics, to provide its products and services to consumers. By offering easy, affordable access to genetic information and personalized guidance on how to use it, we help individuals make educated and proactive lifestyle choices leading to better health. Vitagene keeps your data private and secure and does not share or sell this data to third parties. Founded in 2014 in San Francisco, Vitagene has a team of accomplished entrepreneurs, scientists and physicians. To learn more, go to https://vitagene.com/.