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Vitagene Launches Two New Health and Wellness Products Based on DNA Test Results

  • December 14, 2017

    Vitagene has announced the launch of two new products to enhance its Health and Ancestry service: tailored food plans and customized exercise regimens.

    Vitagene, the leading personalization platform for health and wellness products, has expanded its offering to include diet and fitness plans based on individuals’ genetic makeup and lifestyle choices.

    The plans are accessible through a personalized and easy-to-use online dashboard. The diet section consists of daily caloric, protein, and water recommendations, in addition to a customized food list based on each customer’s genetics, biometrics and goals. The fitness plan includes actionable insights into the types, frequency and intensity of workout routines based on DNA and personal preferences. The customers’ diet and fitness recommendations are updated in real time as they engage with the platform.

    “Our customers have been asking us for a personalized and actionable plan around their diet and fitness goals. We are excited to be releasing the new products which are designed to help our customers on their health and wellness journey,” said Mehdi Maghsoodnia, Chief Executive Officer of Vitagene.

    Previously Vitagene was a platform for physicians to offer personalized supplementation subscriptions to their patients. Vitagene’s current offerings include health and ancestry reports, as well as supplementation subscriptions available both on the company’s website and on Amazon.

    To further expand its line of products and services, Vitagene is looking to partner with companies in the health and wellness and beauty space, and organizations that focus on weight management, nutrition and fitness.


    Vitagene is the leading platform for personalized health and wellness products. It offers the most comprehensive and affordable ancestry, health, and wellness DNA test. Vitagene goes beyond an average ancestry test to provide tailored action plan based on consumers’ genetic makeup and other factors that impact their health. This plan includes recommendations for diet, fitness, and micronutrients with supplement subscription options. Vitagene leverages the latest science in machine learning and data analytics, as well as genomics, to provide its products and services to consumers. Vitagene keeps your data private and secure and does not share or sell this data to third parties. Founded in 2015, Vitagene was a finalist for the 2016 Innovations in Healthcare™ ABBY Awards.