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Vitagene Launches DNA-based Skin Report

  • April 18 , 2018

    Vitagene expands its product line to include a report on genetics-based risks and benefits to your skin

    SAN FRANCISCO — April 18, 2018 — Vitagene, the leading DNA-based personalization platform for health and wellness services, is expanding its offering to consumers this month with the release of a new product: a report on the relationship between your genetics and overall skin condition.

    By taking a Vitagene DNA test, you can receive in-depth analysis of key categories of your skin health, including aging, inflammation levels, hydration and oxidation.

    The online report will help you gain powerful insights into which skin nutrients and topicals could potentially benefit your skin the most. By understanding your genetic predisposition to skin conditions, you can make positive changes to eliminate, reduce, or delay the changes your skin may experience over time.

    The development of this new report on the condition of your skin is the next step for Vitagene as it continues to expand new advanced DNA and lifestyle-based health and wellness personalization services and products. Vitagene is on a mission to become your trusted partner on the journey to a better and healthier version of yourself.

    “This report is a natural extension of our relationship with our customers who demand that we deliver on our promise of being the No. 1 health and wellness platform on the market,” said Mehdi Maghsoodnia, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Vitagene.

    We reached out to our customers to inquire about their top health concerns and skin ranked very high on their list of priorities. We also asked them if they saw a relationship between genetics and the overall look and feel of their skin. Nearly 78% of Vitagene customers who responded to our questionnaire were aware or somewhat aware that DNA plays a crucial role in their overall skin health. Our customers’ overwhelming response to our survey and the intricate relationship between genetics and skin health prompted our efforts to deliver this new product at this time.

    This unique offering provides actionable information on your skin profile and ways in which your overall skin condition can improve. To determine what is best for your overall skin health, Vitagene has used the latest available scientific research. The results, based on the information we gather from your DNA sample, are matched with the latest discoveries and will evolve as our platform continues to grow over time.


    Vitagene is a DNA-based personalization platform for health and wellness. Vitagene leverages the latest science in machine learning and data analytics, as well as genomics, to provide its products and services to consumers. By offering easy, affordable access to genetic information and personalized guidance on how to use it, we help individuals make educated and proactive lifestyle choices leading to better health. Vitagene keeps your data private and secure and does not share or sell this data to third parties. Founded in 2014 in San Francisco, Vitagene has a team of accomplished entrepreneurs, scientists and physicians. To learn more, go to https://vitagene.com/.