What Is Travelers Joy Plant?

Traveler’s joy, Clematis vitalba,  is a perennial vine with climbing, woody stems. Extracts obtained from the dried aerial parts of Clematis species are used as folk remedy worldwide for the treatment of various inflammatory ailments such as rheumatism and to reduce fever. Today, traveler’s joy is used orally to treat diseases affecting male genitals as well as migraine headaches. Traveler’s joy is used topically for migraine headaches and poorly healing wounds.

Also known as:  Aubavis, Aubervigne, Bois à Fumer, Bois de Pipe, Clemátide, Clématite des Haies, Clématite Vigne-Blanche, Herbe aux Gueux, Old Man’s Beard, Travelers Joy, Vigne de Salomon, Viorne des Pauvres

Diseases and Conditions

There is insufficient information on the effectiveness of traveler’s joy.


Traveler’s joy is likely unsafe for adults, children, pregnant, and breastfeeding women to use orally or topically because it contains protoanemonin, which is a severe local irritant.

Medication Interactions

No medication interactions known.

Supplement and Food Interactions

No supplement interactions known.


No typical dosage known.


Traveler’s joy is not in foods.


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