What is Rosinweed Plant and How Can You Gain Benefits from It?

Rosinweed (silphium laciniatum) – also called the compass plant – is a tall plant native to the central U.S. with flowers resembling sunflowers.

Rosinweed is used as a homeopathic remedy for digestive disorders.

Also known as:  Compass Weed, Pilot Weed, Polar Plant, Silphe, Silphe Lacinié, Silphium

Diseases and Conditions

Rosinweed is used for digestive disorders.

There is not enough evidence to determine the effectiveness of rosinweed as a medicinal treatment.


More evidence is needed to determine the safety of rosinweed.

Medication Interactions

More evidence is needed to determine the effects from combining rosinweed with other medications.

Supplement and Food Interactions

More evidence is nedeed to determine the effects of combining rosinweed with other supplements.


A normal dose of rosinweed is between 2 and 4 mL of a liquid extract.


Rosinweed is not used as a food.

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