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American adder’s tongue is used topically to treat ulcers. The parts of American adder’s tongue that are used are the leaves and tubers. The leaves can have emollient effects and treat skin ulcers when applied as a poultice. When used internally, they act as an emetic.

Also known as:  Ail-Doux, Ail Doux, Dog’s Tooth Violet, Érythrone d’Amérique, Erythronium, Lamb’s Tongue, Langue de Serpent, Lengua de Serpiente Americana, Rattlesnake Violet, Serpent’s Tongue, Snake Leaf, Yellow Snakeleaf, Yellow Snowdrop

Diseases and Conditions

American adder’s tongue is used topically to treat ulcers. There is not enough scientific research to assign an effectiveness rating to this supplement.


There is insufficient information about the overall safety of American adder’s tongue. Children, pregnant, and breastfeeding women should avoid using American adder’s tongue. Individuals who are allergic to fritillaria, tulip, lily, or Bomarea may also experience cross-sensitivity when used with American adder’s tongue.

Medication Interactions

There are no reported medication interactions associated with American adder’s tongue.

Supplement and Food Interactions

There are no reported supplement and food interactions associated with American adder’s tongue.


The fresh leaves of American adder’s tongue are commonly applied as a poultice, but there is insufficient reliable evidence available to determine a proper dosage.


American Adder’s Tongue is a fern which was traditionally prepared several different ways for use in naturopathy. It could be cooked in oil, and juice could be either extracted from the leaves and used intact, or distilled for use topically on the eyes. Today the leaves are used as a poultice for ulcers.


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