How Can Vitamin A Impact your Anxiety?

vitamin a for anxiety

Any person who knows much about nutrition has to admit that vitamin A is a necessity in everyone’s body. It is a soluble fat vitamin. Vitamin A plays so many roles in our bodies, and it is essential to include it in the diet.

As long as you have enough vitamin A in your body, there is a guarantee of a good vision; you are sure that you have a robust immune system.

It also helps in body growth as well as reproductive health. Vitamin A is also crucial for your brain to function well. There are organs in our body that do need vitamin A so that they can function properly, for example, the lungs, heart and the kidney. Almost 80-90% of the vitamin A is stored in the liver. The other name for vitamin A is retinol.

Can vitamin A help with anxiety?

Vitamins tend to act like drugs. It depends on the number of vitamins that you are going to take in. Your body reacts to everything that you consume. You need to be very careful. This affects even the people who take in vitamin supplements. Remember, everyone gets a different reaction from food, fruits or even supplements. Do not start using something just because your friend is using it and it is working out for them.

When you take in some of the foods that do contain vitamin A, you are likely to notice that some of them may make you feel uneasy. You can be nervous, experience insomnia, anxiety or you can get so restless. Once you take in something that you have never consumed, listen to your body response.

vitamin a for anxiety

It helps you to determine what you should eat and what you should not. This also applies to supplements. I will always advise anyone to consult their doctor if they get a weird feeling when they consume something.

As much as you need vitamin A in your body, you need to aware that some food products that have vitamin A are likely to give you anxiety. It is so uncomfortable and irritating. Note better; you should not start avoiding taking in vitamin A products. You need vitamin A in your body.

Yes. Vitamin A helps to minimize anxiety feelings. Anxiety tends to bring some discomfort hence making hard for anyone to settle and have a peace of mind. Well, vitamin A helps to promote well-being. When you are lacking vitamin A, there is a high chance of you having anxiety issues. Consider using Vitamin A to help with anxiety problems. The vitamin is of great It is of so much help.

How can you use vitamin A for anxiety?

Vitamin A helps to nourish the most critical system in our body that is the nervous system, and hence your muscles can relax. A proper functioning nervous system helps in minimizing stress mentally. When you are relaxed, you cannot get any anxiety.

When you are calm, there are slim chances for you to have a panic attack.

Vitamin a has the fatty acids, and they are a necessity in our bodies. They are also helpful in reducing anxiety.

Benefits of vitamin A

It helps in the protection of your skin and eyes from direct sunlight: UV rays affect the skin, but when you have sufficient vitamin A in your body, your skin will not be damaged at all. You are safe from skin cancer.

Strong immune system: the immune system acts as a defense mechanism in your body. Vitamin A traps all the bacteria in your body protecting from falling sick. Vitamin A is responsible for the function and production of the white blood cells.

Healthy bones: you may think that concentrating on calcium or vitamin D will make you have strong bones. Unfortunately, no. Vitamin A is also necessary for healthy bone development.

Healthy reproduction and growth: this applies to both men and women. In reproduction, both genders are responsible in cases of infertility. You should never blame your spouse in the instance where she cannot bear you a child. You, as the man might also be the problem.

In case you want to have a baby, both of you should consider consuming foods rich in vitamin A. if the woman does not have enough vitamin A in her body there is a high chance that she might miscarriage.

You need to add vitamin A in your diet. There are so many cases of deficiency diseases, and it is all because people do not add some of the necessary vitamins including vitamin A in their diet. The primary cause of vitamin A deficiency is lack of enough vitamin A in the tissues and the blood.

There are two types of causes of vitamin A deficiency, and they do include the primary vitamin A deficiency that is mainly caused by a long-term deprivation of the diet. The other cause of vitamin a deficiency is secondary vitamin A, and it is brought by insufficient absorption, transport, and storage of vitamin A.

vitamin a for anxiety

Signs and symptoms of vitamin A deficiency

Night blindness: When you have difficulties in adjusting to the dim light, and you notice that you are not seeing things correctly at night, it is the high time that you should seek medical attention. It is one sign of vitamin A deficiency, and you should not ignore. You should start taking meals that are rich in vitamin A with immediate effect. There is a high probability that you may end up being blind if it is not treated.

Effects on the skin: the skin may start being dry or scaly. It is not necessary for the skin only, but it can also affect your lips. They may end up drying too. There is a condition known as eczema that can bring itchiness, and your skin can be inflamed.

Infertility: if you are wondering what may be the reason why you and your partner are not conceiving, well, this could be the reason. Vitamin A is necessary for the development of the baby so if you do not have vitamin an in your body that is the reason why you cannot conceive. Some people may conceive, but later they may get a miscarriage.

Stagnant growth: this usually happens to children. If your child does not have enough vitamin A in his or her body that could be one of the main reasons why he or she is not growing. It is also known as stunted growth.

Longer wound healing: I will give you a scenario, have you seen someone who had gone through a surgery and his or her wound does not heal? Well, the reason could be lack of vitamin A in their body.

Breakouts and acne: vitamin A is the main reason why you have good skin since it helps in skin development. If you lack vitamin A in your body, you are likely to get acne and regular skin breakout.

You need to take the necessary diet to avoid being a victim of vitamin A deficiency. These foods do include, liver, sweet potatoes, mangoes, carrots, spinach, kales, cereals, eggs, kitchen, milk, the list is endless. Some people may also use supplements that they do buy over the counter. The supplements can be helpful to your body, but I would always advise you to take in vitamin A directly from foodstuff. These supplements are in the form of dosage. It is a requirement, for medical purposes to have a doctor’s prescription before buying these supplements.

Effects of high dosage of vitamin A

Some people may end up consuming lots of vitamin A thinking that it will work best. A large intake of vitamin A damages the liver, therefore, care should be taken when taking vitamin A. It brings vomiting and very severe nausea. One can also lack sleep. It also carries a headache, dizziness and you may get confused.

High dosage of vitamin A is also the reason why some people are so quick-tempered. It may also lead to coma. To the mothers reading this and your kid has a broad forehead; high dosage of vitamin A could be the reason why your child has a more prominent forehead, unlike your other kids. Overdosing vitamin A can lead to death. Be very careful we do not want to lose you as much as we want you healthy.

Some people cannot even stand in front of many people. This could be because they are shy. There are also some other people who tend to be uncomfortable when they are in a new environment. This disorder is known as anxiety. Anxiety occurs when the brain is not able to produce the neurotransmitter.

These neurotransmitters are GABA and serotonin. Low levels of serotonin lead to panic attacks, depression, and anxiety. Well, you do not have to take any medication. It is usually lack of some nutrient in your body. You can gain by making a well-balanced diet. It works.

vitamin a for anxiety

Signs and symptoms of a panic attack

Mostly panic attacks occur when one is not fully aware of what is going on. Some people do even faint when they get a panic attack. Here are the four key symptoms.

One can have chest pains. You may feel like your chest is getting heavy. Some people are likely to get a panic attack in case their hearts are pounding fast. Shaking, trembling and getting extra sweaty is also a symptom of a panic attack. In case you experience these symptoms, you should see a doctor. Difficulty in breathing or getting short of breathing is a sign that you are likely to have a panic attack.

You can also be lightheaded, or you can feel dizziness. Some people may ignore a dizziness sign deeming it to be obvious especially for pregnant women. Do not ignore any unusual thing happening in your body. You can also be numb. Avoid stress so that you may not go through the above signs and symptoms of a panic attack.

Natural ways of stopping panic attacks.

Breathing into a bag: when someone happens to have anxiety, you may be unable to breathe. You have to shift your concentration by breathing in and out slowly.

Yoga: yoga helps you to relax as you sit down quietly and meditate. Once you practice yoga often, you have low chances of getting a panic attack.

Use of cold water: When you feel like you are just about to have an attack, you can use cold water. What I mean is you can wash your face with cold water, or you can decide to soak a face towel and cover it around your face. It neutralizes everything, and before you realize it, the feeling of anxiety is gone.

Laugh often: When you are always in a happy mood, there are low chances of you ever getting a panic attack. Laughter always keeps you occupied. It is a way of fooling your mind by shifting all your thoughts into laughter.

When you take in the right nutrients, the adrenal glands tend to respond to stress. Stress leads to anxiety or even panic attacks. Anyone who has ever experienced this needs many vitamins A nutrients in their body. Stress makes you unhealthy. This is because when you overworked by something may it be work, school or family there are low chances of you to eat a balanced diet.

Some supplements are specifically for adrenal fatigue, and they do work well. However, food nutrients are the best. A person who may not have the right guidance on how to eat a balanced diet can result in taking supplements. Do not depend so much on supplements.

Are you getting enough vitamin A? You should now be asking yourself that question. Vitamin A deficiency is not common. As long as you are eating foods rich in vitamin A, then you are safe. You should ensure that your children are eating a balanced meal so that they can grow by being healthy and strong. Staying stress-free is very healthy, pay attention to eating healthy foods. Find distractions, it has worked for so many people, and it will work for you as well.

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