Top 4 Bizarre Fad Diet Trends

These fad diet trends have become famous, using bizarre tactics for rapid weight loss.  While you should be following a diet based on your DNA, you’d be surprised by some of the wacky diets that are out there.  Would you try any of these strange diets?

1. The Baby Food Diet

baby food diet

Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Lady GaGa were rumored to have taken part in this diet that consists of eating upwards of 16 jars of baby food per day.  With flavors like Pureed Chicken, Plum, and Ham with Ham Gravy, we think we’ll give this one a pass!

2. The Juice Cleanse

juice cleanse master cleanse diet

Made popular by Beyoncé, this high-sugar diet consists of up to 6 juices a day, and absolutely no solid food.  This high sugar diet causes major blood sugar spikes which can be harmful. A Harvard study showed that people who ate whole fruits enjoyed a reduced risk for type-2 diabetes, while people who drank fruit juice had an elevated risk for the disease.

3. The Bible Diet

bible diet

This diet classifies foods according to how the food was raised, how a particular animal lived, and whether the food comes from a “creeping” animal or not.  Trying to navigate this diet, with its complicated archaic rules, can be a pure headache. No thanks!

4. The Raw Food Diet

raw food diet

75% to 80% of what you eat each day has to be plant-based foods never heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit.  One main concern with the raw food diet is a risk of nutrient deficiencies, especially vitamin B12, vitamin D, iron, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids.  


What most people don’t realize is that fad diets don’t work for the long term. Rather than following trends, most people should understand their bodies unique needs in order to lead and sustain healthy lifestyles.  Because we all have different genes and DNA makeup, what works best for each of us will be distinct. The best way to eat right for your DNA is to take a simple DNA test. Discover the best diet for you.

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Jeanne linkul
Jeanne linkul
3 years ago

Need insomnia diet and anxiety diet

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