Learn How Theanine Can Be Useful for Your Anxiety

People have a tendency to run through a wide range of emotions on any given day. They may feel optimistic in the morning, disappointed by noon, but content by the time night rolls around. It’s a normal and even fundamental part of being human to experience different emotions regularly.

However, there are times when certain emotions and feelings can become overwhelming; times when they dictate everything you do because to go against them is too much of a challenge. One such feeling that can grow to dominate your mind and well-being on a regular basis is the feeling of being anxious.

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When you are experiencing the type of anxiety that is so severe that it interferes with your daily life and prevents you from completing your regular tasks, that is when you may be considered as an individual suffering from a type of anxiety disorder, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA).

There are other ways to tell if what you are experiencing is a symptom of an anxiety disorder. DNA Health Testing Kit can help you get scientifically tailored supplements to your genes, lifestyle, and goals.

theanine for anxiety

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The ADAA notes that if you make it a point to avoid social situations because you are afraid of being humiliated or judged by other people, that is also a sign of an anxiety disorder. You may also have the disorder if you are hit by seemingly random panic attacks and are then left feeling scared of another one coming.

An anxiety disorder also makes itself felt in the form of fear that you may have of a certain object, place, or situation that does not present any threat to you. Lastly, an anxiety disorder may cause you to have nightmares and flashbacks related to a traumatic event you experienced in the past.

It’s easy to see just how debilitating an anxiety disorder can be and how easily it can take over a person’s life. That is why it is essential for people dealing with an anxiety disorder to be provided with some form of treatment that can eliminate or at least minimize the impact of the disorder’s symptoms.

One such item that has been found to be useful in the fight against anxiety disorders is Theanine.

Can Theanine Impact Your Anxiety?

Before diving into what Theanine can do for anxiety, it is important to first understand what it is. To be more specific, L-theanine can be seen in both black and green tea.

The aforementioned amino acid has also been observed in Bay Bolete mushrooms, and these days, you can find it in drugstores packaged as pills and tablets.

Now, it is time to get into why L-theanine is something that can be useful for the purposes of treating anxiety.

Through research, it has been found that one of the key characteristics of L-theanine is that it helps people relax. Relaxing is something people can benefit from doing more often regardless of whether or not they are affected by an anxiety disorder.

L-theanine affects the brain and helps you relax in a number of ways.

theanine for anxiety

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First off, L-theanine works by increasing the levels of GABA, also known as Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, in the brain, according to an earlier study conducted on the amino acid that was cited by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).

GABA is a chemical manufactured by the brain and it has the effect of reducing excitability, improving a person’s mood, and it can even impact the body by reducing fat and making pain easier to deal with. For the purposes of this article though, the most important effect brought about by the increase of GABA is the reduction of a person’s anxiety.

Apart from GABA, L-theanine is also known to increase the levels of dopamine in your brain. Dopamine is perhaps best known as that neurotransmitter responsible for producing feelings of euphoria. When the levels of dopamine inside a person’s mind are high, it would seemingly be safe to assume that the individual in question would be feeling joyful at that very moment.

As discussed earlier, an anxiety disorder may cause people to feel emotions such as fear and panic, ones that can be described in a number of ways, but certainly not euphoric. By virtue of L-theanine improving the levels of a dopamine in a person’s mind, the ill effects of the emotions brought about by an anxiety disorder may be reduced if not eliminated entirely.

The introduction of L-theanine into your body will also lead to an uptick of your serotonin levels. Serotonin is yet another neurotransmitter that can greatly impact a person’s mood. The main function of serotonin is to balance you out mentally and keep you even-keeled. However, it can also affect people by relieving them of the anxiety they may be dealing with.

Simply by boosting the amounts of GABA, dopamine, and serotonin in your brain, L-theanine can already help you feel much better while also providing dearly needed relief from the at times crushing effects of anxiety.

It is worth noting though that L-theanine is known to do more than just increase GABA, dopamine, and serotonin.

L-theanine has also been observed as a provider of neuroprotective effects. Those effects are hugely important because they serve to keep the nerve cells free from damage and other forms of degeneration. Because your nerve cells are protected, the risk of a damaged one causing a chemical imbalance in your brain is significantly reduced.

Your nerve cells being protected also means that the neurotransmitters mentioned previously will be able to continue working their magic to help you feel better, less stressed, and free from anxiety.

Now that we have determined the different ways in which L-theanine can impact your brain, we can take a closer look at how they will specifically benefit people as they combat the sometimes devastating effects of their anxiety disorders.

theanine for anxiety

What Are the Benefits of Theanine on Anxiety?

L-theanine presents some benefits that will directly affect your anxiety. We already talked about how this particular amino acid promotes the production of certain helpful neurotransmitters in your brain, and how those in turn have direct links to anxiety reduction.

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GABA is capable of reducing the amount of anxiety that a person is currently experiencing. That specific effect will come in really handy for people who are feeling completely overwhelmed by their anxious emotions. By reducing a person’s anxiety level, that individual will be capable of functioning better, something they could not have done while weighed down by the effects of their disorder.

Serotonin also worked to relieve people of their anxiety and because L-theanine works to make it more abundant, individuals will be able to enjoy relief faster compared to if they didn’t have the amino acid in their system.

There are other ways in which L-theanine can be useful for people with anxiety disorders.

Stress is something that can cause anxiety quite easily, and it can come from everywhere. Having a bad day at school may lead to you growing anxious about where your studies are going. Heck, even if things are going well at school, you may also feel stressed and pressured to keep that up, and that can lead to the development of anxiety.

Stress can similarly manifest itself when people are thinking about their jobs. When things change significantly at work, the pressure to keep up with them and adjust quickly may result in the creation of anxiety. People may also feel stressed out if they have to deal with co-workers who they do not get along with.

Money troubles are also causes of stress. The challenge of making ends meet every month is something many people are keenly aware of, and few things are as stressful as trying to figure out if there will be enough money remaining to cover everything that needs to be paid. Stress levels will also rise for people who suddenly discover that they are about to face a money shortage.

Even your loved ones can cause you undue stress. Engaging an argument with a significant other is one surefire way to increase stress, and having one of your kids angry at you will also weigh on you a lot.

It is incredibly difficult to handle even just one of those problems, which is why they are capable of causing anxiety to develop so easily.

When going through those stressful situations, it may be advisable for people to get some L-theanine into their bodies. They can do that by taking L-theanine in the form of tablets or they may drink some black or green tea.

After a while, they should start to feel the effects of L-theanine in their body. L-theanine will not get rid of those issues, but it can at least serve to give people some relief during a time when their heads may be spinning rapidly. With the benefit of having a clear mind, people may be able to come up with better solutions for the issues that are causing them stress at that time.

Stress may also be caused by feelings of unease and discomfort, and one of the leading reasons why those feelings swell up in people is due to poor sleep. If you’ve ever had one of those nights when you just tossed and turned in bed endlessly as you tried to fall asleep, you know how frustrating it is to have to get up the next morning as a shell of your normal self.

This is where L-theanine can come in again and provide you with some relief. Some studies conducted on L-theanine have shown that the substance helps promote better sleep. Remember those neurotransmitters discussed earlier? Those excel at helping people relax, and when your body is completely relaxed, great sleep is within reach.

It sounds simple, but yes, sleeping well is something that can help immensely with your anxiety.

Let’s go back to one of the issues that have been discussed – the one about people being stressed because of issues they may have at either school or at work. There are times when the reason people are stressed out by their school work or regular work is that they are having a tough time trying to find a good solution for a problem they have encountered.

theanine for anxiety

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Even in those cases, L-theanine can still be helpful, and it will assist you by allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand.

An earlier study conducted on L-theanine found that it could improve a person’s focus when it is paired with caffeine. Taking caffeine with L-theanine will obviously not do you any favors if you’re trying to get to sleep, but if your desire is to have the additional brainpower to work with for completing your important tasks, that combo has the potential to work wonders for you.

With your school or work tasks properly handled, you have fewer reasons to feel stressed and/or anxious.

Anxiety disorders are, sadly, not rare. Information provided by the ADAA indicates that nearly 40 million individuals across the country are dealing with some form of anxiety disorder. Furthermore, anxiety disorders do not pick and choose targets. They can affect everyone, as even children and teenagers are known to suffer from these prevalent problems.

Perhaps the most distressing fact about anxiety disorders is that only one-third of the people who are dealing with one have sought treatment. It’s unclear exactly why so many people are hesitant to seek treatment for their anxiety disorders, but it’s not hard to imagine that they may be fearful of how their friends and family members may perceive them once they reveal that they are seeking treatment.

As much as possible, people with anxiety disorders should seek professional help immediately in order to prevent their ordeal from getting any worse than it already is. It may also help them out if they regularly take L-theanine or drink the types of tea that contain this incredibly helpful amino acid. L-theanine alone may not be enough to take away someone’s anxiety disorder, but it will certainly help.

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