Does Your Ancestory Contain Native American DNA?

DNA ancestry testing is an easy method for people who are interested in learning more about their family history to discover their geographical roots. There are certains patterns of variation within each person’s DNA that are common amongst people of a particular origin. People who are closely related to one another share more of these patterns of variation than others.

Vitagene performs autosomal DNA testing, which looks at hundreds of thousands of variations across a person’s entire genome. This provides a complete picture of your ethnic makeup. An autosomal DNA test analyzes DNA from both the maternal and paternal sides. Both men and women take the same DNA test, and the same genetic markers are analyzed for each sex.

Native American DNA Ancestry

Many populations throughout the world have migrated significantly throughout history. This has resulted in a significant amount of mixing with neighboring populations. Because of this, ethnicity estimates can differ from an individual’s expectations. This also is why certain regions are named broadly, as it is difficult to distinguish between DNA from closely neighboring countries which have experienced significant migration over time.

While we inherit genes from our parents, we don’t get exactly the same combination as our siblings (if we did, they would be our identical twin!). Each generation, the DNA is combined in different ways. It is possible, for example, that you have Native American ancestry that does not show in your DNA if your most recent Native American ancestor was more than four or five generations back. The more distant the relative, the greater the chances are that you haven’t inherited DNA directly from them. So, it’s possible that you have a Native American ancestor, but have not inherited DNA directly from them. Another possibility is that your Native American heritage has fallen into the Oceanian Asia category, as these two populations share a lot in common genetically, and even the best science has difficulty distinguishing between them. Researchers widely agree that these populations have mixed at some point. Exactly when and how is still being discovered.


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