5 Reasons Why You Should Add Cumin To Your Weight Loss

cumin for weight loss

Cumin is mother nature’s gift to humans. Its list of benefits is virtually infinite, its use broad and global. And while people generally used it to season their meals, most modern people use it for its health benefits. One of those benefits concerns weight loss and the acceleration of our metabolism. But is there any truth in that? Can cumin really help you lose weight, and if it can, how should you use it?

What Is Cumin?

Cuminum Cyminum is the name of the plant from which we derive cumin. It is a flowery plant, one that is found in the Middle East (though we also find it in Indian subcontinent an). Today, we assume that people have used it (throughout history) for two reasons:

  1. Cumin is a spice with a very distinct and potent aroma and taste. We mostly use it in soups but also add it to hot gravies (such as curry.) It is also added to some bread and cheeses (mainly in France and Netherlands)
  2. Cumin is also used as a medicine. In ancient Sanskrit, it was defined as jiraka, roughly translated to that which balances your digestion. It is added to various foods and drinks, but today we mostly take it in the form of pills (if we use it for a medicinal purpose)

cumin for weight loss

Chemical Richness

Cumin is rich in all sorts of things. It predominantly consists of MUFAs, fats that play a crucial role in maintaining our vascular system. Also, there is some evidence that MUFAs lead to more energy, less anger and more resistance to stress.

MUFAs aside, cumin is also rich in protein, which (as we all know) is vital for muscle structure. Cumin also contains large quantities of vitamin B and E. And last but not least, it includes a vast amount of potassium, magnesium, and iron. Other chemical compounds can be found in cumin, but these are the most prevalent ones.

How Does Cumin Impact Weight Loss?

Cumin impacts weight loss directly and indirectly (which you’ll see below.) It is important to say that cumin is a non-conventional way of losing weight. Why? Well, we are so used to the idea of losing weight by exercising, strict diet and diet pills.

So, when something as simple as cumin arrives, it startles us, and we ask ourselves: “Is this really possible?” Well, it is, but there is a reason for that. There have been numerous studies that showed that eating food seasoned with cumin promotes weight loss.

Now, cumin can be taken as a seed or ground (as a powder.) Most people today use cumin supplement (in the form of pills) to enhance their weight loss programs. Of course, cumin isn’t a magical pill that will suddenly help you lose weight overnight, but that can be said for all diets, exercise programs, and weight loss supplements.

The beauty in cumin is that you can use it as a seasoning and still lose weight. If you are interested in finding how cumin can help you lose weight, you can read the text below and prepare to be amazed!

What are the Benefits of Cumin for Weight Loss?

Science is still unsure about cumin’s health benefits, not because science doesn’t believe in its health benefits, but because it has just recently started gathering evidence that would support this claim.

Nevertheless, many people that use cumin swear by its beneficiary effects. And perhaps most importantly, cumin has been used for thousands of years, which adds a lot to its credibility. Here are just some health benefits concerning cumin:

Enhanced Digestion (Indirect Weight Loss Benefit)

There is a reason why Indians referred to cumin as that which helps with digestion. It combats inflammation and gas issues, ultimately leading to more improved ingestion and more pleasant food consumption.

It does contain magnesium and sodium, which stimulate the stomach and reduces irritation, especially when you take it with hot water. And it’s not just its chemical structure that helps with digestion; its cumin’s aroma. It stimulates appetite, activates our glands and stimulates our appetite.

And because it helps with digestion, cumin indirectly helps with weight loss. Why? It is because of the fact that better ingestion and digestion lead to more balanced metabolism. If you can adequately digest your food, without any irregularities and inflation, your body will break the diet and rapidly separate useful parts from useless parts.

Iron And Weight Loss

Cumin contains a lot of iron, which is one of the most vital minerals in our body. Iron is responsible for the production of hemoglobin, which is an agent that transfers oxygen in our blood (from the lungs and to other organs.)

Taking just one teaspoon of cumin will satisfy 18% of your iron intake; now that’s a lot of iron! Add in the fact that certain vitamins (such as vitamin B) lead to better absorption of iron; there’s no reason why people with anemia shouldn’t use it.

Now, most people will tell you that iron has nothing to do with weight loss, but they are very wrong. True, iron has to direct connection with weight loss, but it has a direct link with energy. As we already mentioned, hemoglobin helps transfer oxygen through our bloodstream.

People with anemia will often complain that they feel tired, dizzy or that they have a lack of energy. Lack of iron leads to less energy, weaker immune system and less power to do, well, anything! And when we don’t have energy, we can’t exercise, cycle, walk, and our metabolism slows down. We eat less, use less, process less and act less.

cumin for weight loss

Improved Immunity (Energy And Weight Loss)

When our immune system is secure, it successfully combats germs. Because cumin is rich in iron, vitamin C and some essential oils, it can boost our immunity.

And if your immune system is strong, it won’t drain too much of your energy to every second to fight germs (that are omnipresent.) Instead, you’ll have access to all that energy, the energy you can spend on pretty much whatever you want. This feeling of being more energetic is very uplifting and motivating, which is very important for people that want to lose weight.

After all, how does one lose weight if one feels tired and unmotivated? It’s virtually impossible! But cumin gives you that “kick” due to its chemical nature and aroma and helps you overcome your daily challenges and achieve your milestones.

Insomnia, Cumin And Weight Loss

What happens to our bodies when we don’t get enough sleep? We have no energy, roughly speaking. It is needless to say that long-term insomnia can have a negative impact on our health and the quality of our life.

Cumin can help with insomnia, mostly due to its aroma. And that’s the weird thing about cumin: it is potent and energetic on the one hand, but soothing and relaxing on the other. It contains essential oils that reduce stress, anxiety, and racing thoughts.

Most people with insomnia have one of the symptoms mentioned above. And again, if we don’t get enough sleep, we don’t get enough energy. If this happens, we lose our appetite and willingness to move and act in the world, which can lead to obesity.

Taking cumin can help you sleep, and quality sleep can lead to a more energetic life. Naturally, if one gets sufficient sleep, one will feel motivated to seize the day, to eat and have an active lifestyle.

Low In Harmful, Rich In Healthy Fats (Direct Link To Weight Loss)

Frequent and everyday use of cumin helps people lose weight. One of the most significant contributors to this factor is the fact that cumin helps burn fat. How? Well, we already mentioned that it speeds up the metabolism and improves digestion.

It also strengthens your heart, which plays a vital role in, well, everything! But perhaps the critical thing for cumin and weight-loss is that it is low in harmful and rich in healthy fats. And don’t forget that it is rich in proteins, which is a vital element for anyone trying to lose weight by exercising.

Should You Use Cumin For Weight Loss?

You can use cumin for various things, including weight loss. The thing is, recent studies showed that cumin pill (literally a pill containing cumin powder) had the same effect as any other premium weight-loss pill would have. How is that possible? Again, we must consider its chemical structure and direct and indirect links to weight loss, some more and some less.

Most people don’t look beyond the label and can’t see the indirect effects of certain foods or supplements. And if you just recently heard about cumin and its relation to weight loss, you shouldn’t be surprised. The thing is, cumin supplements are much cheaper than your premium diet pills and whatnot. This isn’t a conspiracy talk; it’s just business.

Our general answer to the question relating cumin use is a big YES. Why not? It has a culinary purpose and enhances the taste and aroma of your meals. You can also find cumin in various shampoos, creams, and other skincare products. Some people also use cumin to season their beverages. 

cumin for weight loss

How Much Cumin Should You Use?

It depends. While cumin is healthy, you shouldn’t overuse it (just as you shouldn’t misuse any other thing.) For weight loss, most people use one tablespoon of cumin per day. The good news is that cumin isn’t toxic even in high doses, but don’t overdo it (we’ll talk about side-effects later.)

Keep in mind that you daily use of cumin is very specific and relates to you and you alone. It would be a good idea to discuss the use of cumin with your nutritionist to determine optimal use. And if you start noticing results, don’t increase the dose to accelerate the process; this may turn out to be counterproductive!

Cumin Side-Effects

If you have diabetes, you should keep an eye on your blood sugar levels once you start using cumin. If you overuse it, it may lower the levels of blood sugar in your body, so be mindful of that.

Cumin may also dilute your blood, which may cause an issue for people that already have problems with blood clotting. On the other hand, if your blood is too thick and is overclocking, then cumin can help dilute your water.

Some oils in cumin can harm your liver and kidneys. Naturally, you have to overuse cumin to reach that point drastically, but this can happen. If you already have issues with kidneys or liver, it is best that you consult with your doctor or nutritionists before you use cumin.

Last but not least, there are some indications that cumin may reduce testosterone levels. There is still no evidence regarding this factor, but if you are worried about it, perhaps it would be best to avoid using cumin (or use it in low doses.)

Final Thoughts

Though it is strange to believe that a spice from the Middle East can help you lose weight but it is true; you can use cumin for weight loss. You can use it for other reasons too, not just the ones we mentioned here in this article.

You should, however, be mindful of the dosages and the side-effects of using or overusing cumin. But all in all, it is safe to say that cumin has little to no downsides. It can tune your digestion, accelerate your metabolism, boost your immune system and wake up your senses; all these things will directly or indirectly help you lose weight!

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