A Beginner’s Guide to Food Sensitivity Testing

Food is one of the best things in life for most people. There are so many foods that you can look forward to if you love eating. However, not everyone can enjoy food the same. Some people have trouble digesting and enjoying certain foods without any adverse effects. One of the most common ways to identify these problems is food sensitivity testing. If you do not know what it is or how it could help you, don’t worry, as we will cover everything there is to know about the topic.

What is Food Sensitivity?

Food sensitivity is often interchangeably used with food allergy but they are nothing alike. Food allergy is when the body reacts to certain foods while food sensitivity is because of the inability of your body to digest certain foods properly. Food sensitivity can be a serious problem if things are not dealt with properly. One of the easiest ways to tackling this problem is identifying it. Experts use food sensitivity testing to help see what kind of problem an individual faces.

All You Need To Know About Food Sensitivity

The food sensitivity test is fairly simple and can be done from the comfort of your own home. The process involves using a simple finger prick collection and sending your sample to a lab for testing. Results are typically available within a few weeks or faster. We recommend you start testing with the 96 common foods since that makes the most sense for people.

Order the test

Once you order a test from vitagene.com you’ll get the test kit in a few days for self-collection. Our food sensitivity tests come with complimentary free return shipping to our lab.

Read The Instructions & Register the Kit

It is essential to read all the instructions provided with your kit so that you can collect your own sample properly. Make sure you register your kit before sending it back to the lab, the registration process is required to access your results.

Send The Sample Back

Each test offered on vitagene.com comes with complimentary return shipping to our lab. The return shipping label will be included in your testing kit. In order to avoid issues, we suggest you collect your sample and ship it back to us within 48 hours of receiving your kit. The results take around 2 weeks to complete on average.

Secure Digital Results

Since you’ve already registered your kit, you will receive an email once results have been made available in your account. These results will not only show you the food sensitivity but the magnitude of the problems. It will help you understand which foods mark as red flags for you, while which ones are more in the grey area.

How You Can Use These Results?

Once you know about your sensitivity problem you can make dietary changes immediately. You should stay away from food that causes you digestive problems and increases your intake of other foods. It will help your body perform better and improve all over health too. 

Is It Really Important To Get Food Sensitivity Testing?

People often argue that food sensitivity isn’t a big deal since everyone has problems with some foods. However, that is not true. Sensitivity testing can help you in a bunch of ways; we have listed some of them below for your reference.

Enjoying Food More

Imagine running into food and digestive issues because you keep consuming something you are sensitive to. You would keep running into stomach aches, pains, and much more just because you aren’t eating the right things. 

Running a sensitivity test on your food intake will simply help you differentiate between things that suit your body and those which don’t. You can avoid food and by-products that have the red flag foods and enjoy your food without the fear of feeling sick.

Better Life Quality

Food sensitivity issues can not only make your fall sick but also last for hours and days. Each time someone suffers from this problem it will have a long-term effect on your health. So, it is best to get this sorted out as soon as you can so that you can enjoy a better quality of life.

Researches show that making significant changes to one’s lifestyle can help reduce food sensitivity issues. It is still not a bad bargain to make for an improved life. 

Weight Loss

Many people are unaware of this but food sensitivity causes the body metabolism to slow down. It has an effect on bodily functions as well and affects all over efficiency. Avoiding foods that you are sensitive to might help you lose weight too. Eating the right foods will boost metabolism leading to rapid weight loss and fighting issues like bloating. Chances are that you keep gaining weight because you are sensitive to the foods you consume. So, it is best to get it checked as soon as you can.


So, as you can see, paying attention to your food sensitivity issues is important and can help you in a bunch of ways. We hope that this guide helps you understand the severity of this problem. You can reach out to us for more food-related guides and ensure that you have a happy and healthy life. Be sure to let us know how dealing with food sensitivity works out for you!




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