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Vitagene affiliates earn an average of $2,000 per month in commission.

Vitagene affiliates earn an average of $2,000 per month in commission.

Who is Vitagene?

Vitagene is the world’s fastest growing precision health platform. Developed by leading doctors and researchers in the fields of genetics and nutrition, the Vitagene program has enabled people to make more informed and effective decisions about their diet, exercise, and supplementation than ever before.

Ancestry Report

24 Regions

East Central Africa

Northern Africa

West Africa

South Central Africa

Central Asia

Northeast Asia



South Central Asia

Southeast Asia

British Isles

East Europe


Southeast Europe



West and Central Europe

Asia Minor

West Middle East

East Middle East

South America

North and Central America

Ashkenazi Diaspora

Sephardic Diaspora

Exercise Report

6 Reports

Power vs. Endurance Exercise

Muscle Strength

Muscle Cramps

Exercise Interest

Blood Pressure Response to Exercise

Weight Response to Exercise

Nutrition Report

11 Reports

Obesity Risk

Fat Intake

Sodium Intake

Cholesterol Levels

Triglyceride Levels

Alcohol Metabolism

Caffeine Metabolism

Emotional Eating

Gluten Sensitivity

Lactose Sensitivity

Weight Regain After Dieting

Supplementation Report

6 Reports

Vitamin D

Vitamin A


Vitamin B12


Personalized Supplementation Recommendation

Vitagene’s mission is to help people use their DNA to transform their everyday health and happiness. In addition to enlightening people with the story of their ancestry, we leverage big data, machine learning, and the latest scientific research and technology to ensure that our customers can make strategic decisions to support their unique health.

Vitagene offers the most complete DNA test on the market, providing customers with detailed information about their ancestry, diet, exercise, and optimal supplementation. This actionable information allows customers to reach their short-term health goals, while also improving their long-term wellness.

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